Interdisciplinary Studies

Volume 2 Issue 2 Liminality and Bachelardian Space in Herbert Mason’s Gilgamesh by David Capps

Volume 2 Issue 1The Tale of The Magic Mountain in the Analysis of Paul Ricoeur by Chavdar Dimitrov

Volume 2 Issue 1 – Atlantis as Heterotopia: On the Theoretical Simultaneity of Plato’s Atlantis by Kwasu D. Tembo

Volume 1 Issue 4Literature and the Extra-temporal: Paul Ricoeur on Proust’s Novels of Time by Chavdar Dimitrov

Volume 1 Issue 4On Gnawa and Jazz: Melodious rythms sing back to power by Jamal Akabli

Volume 1 Issue 4 – Recruiting the ‘Tirupathi’ in Serampore: the policy of Telugu migrants to construct an ethnic and cultural identity for themselves in the face of Bengali domination by Souradip Bhattacharyya

Volume 1 Issue 3Cinema as Historian: Agnotology and the Politics of Historical and Fictional Representations of the Vietnam War by Naveen John Panicker

Volume 1 Issue 3The Formative and Transformative Function of Desire in Ashis Nandy’s The Intimate Enemy: A Deleuzian Perspective by Muhammad Yousri Beltagi Ahmed Aql

Volume 1 Issue 2The Rise of the Curry by Sayantani Sengupta

Volume 1 Issue 2British Educational Activities in North India: 1840 to 1841 by Sumeet Tanwar

Volume 1 Issue 2Indigenous Knowledge System and Linguistic Code with Reference to Ngu Loc Community of Vietnam: A Socio-linguistic Appraisal  by Hemanga Dutta and Pham Thi Ha Xuyen

Volume 1 Issue 2Project Ginsberg and Me: Reflections on an Experimental Translation by Anuj Gupta

Volume 1 Issue 1Fela Anilkulapo-Kuti’s ‘Beast of No Nation’ by Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

Volume 1 Issue 1Freedom of Expression, Literature, Fact, and Fiction by Syed A. Sayeed

Volume 1 Issue 1Performing Murder and Metaphor by Ritwick Bhattacharjee

Volume 1 Issue 1 – Image and Text in Ravi Shankar and Vikram Seth’s Beastly Tales from Here and There by Samarth Singhal