Submission Guidelines

Please ensure that the following pointers are in place before submission –

– MLA 8th edition style guide to be followed in the papers. References (footnotes and citations) should also be in MLA style. Please refer to the MLA Checklist for elaboration.

– All native language words should be followed by a footnote elucidating upon their translation/definition and usage as we intend for the publication to be accessible to a global audience.

– The word count should be within 3500-10000 words for research papers and 750-2500 words for book reviews. (The word count does not include abstract, bio-note, works cited, and keywords).

– Abstract, keywords, works cited, bio-note, and the complete paper to be attached with all research paper submissions.

– Attach the bio-note of the author with all submissions. You can view sample bio-notes here.

– Put the name of the Call for Papers you are submitting for in subject line.

– For the format of Book Reviews, please refer to the Book Review Guidelines.

LLIDS does not accept any work that has been uploaded online for any purpose including but not exclusive to institutional archiving, pre-publication archiving, or self archiving.

– If found to be plagiarized, the publication of the work will be cancelled.

– Please send a single paper/book review submission for an issue. Authors may make submissions for different issues at the same time. 

– In case a submission has multiple authors, please send us the contact email ID of all the authors. 

– Only unpublished works to be submitted. As per our policy we do not accept simultaneous submissions. It is expected of the author to inform us if their paper gets selected somewhere else asap. Any negligence on their part to do so will have serious consequences.

The editorial process consists of multiple rounds of editing and reviews which take a considerable amount of time. So, though we are happy to receive submissions till the deadline, we appreciate authors sending us early submissions.

* All submissions and related queries are to be emailed to