Language, Literature,
and Interdisciplinary Studies (LLIDS)

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General Guidelines for Book Reviews

Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies (LLIDS) considers the following genres for book reviews –

– Academic books

– Non-fiction – Memoirs, Biographies, Autobiographies, and Travelogues

– Fiction and Poetry

Book reviewers can either send reviews on books of their interest or make their choice from the Suggested Books section.

Note – We also accept book reviews of already reviewed books. We believe that reading of a particular book significantly depends upon the varied vantage points of reviewers leading to the emergence of multiple perspectives. Given this, we encourage cutting-edge interpretations that bring the book under review to larger critical discourse.

Format of writing the details of the book under review:

Name of the book in capital. By author’s name. (Translator’s name, if required). Place of publication: publishing house, year of publication; page count. ISBN No.


SAMUEL BECKETT: ANATOMY OF A LITERARY REVOLUTION. By Pascale Casanova, translated by Gregory Elliott. London: verso, 2006; pp. 119. ISBN: 12357869879730

The following points may be used as suggestive perspectives of inquiry for writing book reviews but are in no way all-encompassing or determinative for the format of a review –

– Introduce the author and situate the book vis-à-vis the time of its writing and its context.

– How it is different from other books published in similar areas or topics?

– Coherent description of the main argument(s) in the book under review.

– Highlighting merits/demerits or highpoints/missing points in the book along with its accessibility and points of interest in the style of writing.

– How the book responds to the existing scholarship or provides new perspectives on it?

– How far has the book justified its stated aims and how will it benefit or interest the readers?

– Is the book meant for laymen audience or is it limited to the audience of a particular subject?

– Length of the Book review: 750-1200 words.

– We prefer the Book Reviewers to contact the publisher for the high resolution image of the book cover to be published along with the book review.

Potential Book Reviewers:

We are always looking for new book reviewers interested in various disciplines including, but not limited to, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, history, literature, sociology, political science, and economics.

If you wish to become a book reviewer, write to us along with your CV. You can send us a few titles that you would like to review or just your areas of interest. For any further queries, please contact us at

Note – Before attempting a book review, please do discuss the title once with the editors. Also, it really helps to read the Submission Guidelines once before making the submission. Happy writing!


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