Publication Ethics

Editorial Policy and Peer Review Policy

LLIDS only publishes previously unpublished work. All papers are thoroughly checked for plagiarism and sent for peer reviews. LLIDS follows a double-blind peer review policy. The authors of selected works are sent editorial and peer review suggestions for revision. The decision of the editorial team, in regard to publication, is final and binding. The decision of publication can be revoked  at any point before publication if the work is found to be short of any publication criteria or found unsuitable for publication due to any reason by the editorial team.

Similarity Index and Plagiarism Policy

The similarity index of all submissions is checked by calculating the percentage of quotes in order to maintain the level of original content in the paper. The accepted percentage may vary according to the discipline or the subjective requirement of the submission as seen fit by the editorial team.
Although the responsibility to submit plagiarism free works belongs to the author, all selected papers are thoroughly checked for plagiarism. LLIDS strongly advocates against self-plagiarism as well.


LLIDS publishes under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Authors agree to publish their work under the same CC-BY-ND 4.0 International License.


The full text of all articles published in LLIDS is available free of cost to readers in PDF format from the time of publication without any embargo time.


LLIDS archives all the published articles on its website and puts all its articles on as well. The journal does not allow pre-print archiving but authors are free to archive the Final Publisher’s PDF of the published work as they see fit. LLIDS encourages authors to self-archive their articles in open access repositories.


The authors retain the copyright of their work and can republish their work wherever they see fit provided they acknowledge LLIDS as the original publisher and provide the url link of the work in the re-publication.

In case of any third-party copyright infringement issues, LLIDS encourages the authors to adhere to the guidelines of Columbia University Libraries’ Fair Use Policy by evaluating their usage of any copyrighted material against their Fair Use Checklist. The authors are responsible for ensuring that they are not violating any copyright laws and have taken permission for any copyrighted material used in their work when required. They are to provide the said permissions to LLIDS before publication.

Submission of a work to LLIDS implicates that the author(s) –

– Takes responsibility that work belongs to him/her/them, is completely free of plagiarism, and has never been published before in any form. LLIDS does not accept any work that has been uploaded online for any purpose including but not exclusive to institutional archiving, pre-publication archiving, or self archiving.
– Has not submitted the work elsewhere and will not do so while the paper is under consideration in LLIDS.
– Has written permission to use any diagrams/charts/figures/images the work may contain from the original copyright holder and will be able to furnish the same if the paper is selected for publication.


LLIDS is fueled by the voluntary efforts of its Editorial Team and is published under the aegis of its head organisation, E.L.A. Project.

LLIDS does not levy any Submission Charges, Author Processing Charges (APCs), or Publication Fee from the authors in lieu of publication. The selection of articles for publication is solely on the basis of the merit of the work submitted.