Dr. Ashish Thomas

Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi

Dr. Ashish Thomas is primarily an amphibian researcher who has been working extensively on the amphibians of Western Ghats. Currently working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Environment Studies, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, University of Delhi, Dr. Ashish teaches Environmental Science to undergraduate students. He completed his Doctoral dissertation entitled ‘Systematics, Reproductive Biology and Conservation of the endangered Purple frog, Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis’ from the Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi. He has published a number of papers in reputed national and international journals. Ashish is also independently working on research projects focusing on the areas of Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and conservation of endemic Indian amphibians as well as on various environmental issues that include land use change and land degradation, habitat restoration and management and ecology of invasive species and citizen science.

Areas of Interest: Biodiversity and Conservation; Land use management; Habitat ecology, restoration and Management; Citizen science.

Email: ashishthomas1610@gmail.com